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San Diego
Class Teachers

If we listed Travis’ full bio here, it would be too long. On the shortlist of wide-range accomplishments: He was a small-town assistant butcher and can break down whole wild game. He’s travelled around the US and the World. He was handed a red onion in a remote village on the Tibetan Plateau and asked to prepare a dish for the local communist leaders. He’s been a Chef de Tournament at a 5-star hotel, a fishmonger, a burger-flipper at (and creator of) Loki Kitchen. He and his fun-loving, food-loving wife have turned their city yard into 41 Legs Urban Farm. Think vegies & fruits, chickens, ducks, rabbits and a beautiful 300-pound pig in the backyard. Oh, and he’s hung out with Hunter S Thompson. Personally, I don’t just want to take a class with him – I want to be him!