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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: October 27, 2004

Hello  Cooks!

Huge thanks to all of you who came to Artwalk!  It was great to see you, meet you and eat yumy food.

Please visist for full class descriptions and schedule, but here is a sampling of classes coming up:

All classes are from 7 - 10 pm unless otherwise noted

Nov 5    Fri
Turning Japanese    We get out the sushi rollers and create masterpieces
Nov 6    Sat
A Romantic Dinner for 2    The introduction to Hipcooks class.  Lots of knife skills, risotto and creme brulee!
Nov 7
Hot Soup Focus Group    My current favourite class:  we make 7 healthy, yummy soups (including some you take home)
Nov 11    Thur
Autumn in Paris
A classic French bistro menu, ooh la la!
Nov 12      Fri
I Aint no Turkey
Hipcooks creates Holiday meals you can recreate at home.  With a twist, of course
Nov 13 
A Cocktail Party    Fabulous drinks and elegant hors d'oevres
Nov 17    Wed
Tapas Class    Spanish style - we make Sangria and delicious tapas of all kinds
Nov 23 
Healthy, Fresh & Zingy    A great knife skills class, with one of the tastiest menus around

Is there a class that you want to take, but the date doesn;t work?  Are you waiting for a specific class to come up but it hasn;t been scheduled?  Send me an email and I'll try and schedule where I can.  I was going to add antoehr Healthy, Fresh and Zingy on the 3rd of Novemeber - if it works for you please send an note!

I have lots of gift certificates available, they make delicious presents!  See for the details

Eat Well, Be Well,

(To be removed from this list simply send me an email with remove in the text.)

Also, to leave you with something warm in your tummy, from Hot Soup Focus Group:

Roasted Butternup Squash Soup

This lucious soup has earthy tones of sage and white beans and is guarantteed to make any tummy warm and yummy.


2 packages cubed butternut squash
1 large yellow onion
1 bunch celery
Canellini beans (you can buy these cooked in a tin)
8 cloves garlic
a handful of chopped sage
olive oil, sea salt and pepper

Toss the butternut squash in a bowl and add the garlic cloves.  Acouple of turns around the bowl with olive oil and a dash of salt should do it before you place it in a baking tray and pop it in the oven.  Have your oven at 375, and cook until soft, at which point your kitchen will smell great. 

Practice your knife skills and dice the onion and celery into small dices.  Again, a couple of turns around a medium-sized pot of olive oil and add these veggies.  Place over a medium heat and allow the veggies to "sweat'", that is, turn translusecent as they cook down.

Once they are soft, add the roasted, garlicky squash and add enough water to cover the veggies plus and inch.  You are now ready to blend!  Blend in batches in a mixer until smooth.  Transfer back to the pot, add the cannellini beans and sage.  Season generously and bring up to a nice hot temperature over low heat.  Delish!